Innovation at the service of beauty

Aging skin: not just a hereditary issue

The aging of the skin is due to a complex combination of phenomena that gradually cause functionality and characteristics to change over time, and with it, the appearance of our skin. Wrinkles, blemishes and loss of volume, tone and elasticity are just some of the more obvious signs of a process that affects all layers of the skin and profoundly influences the physiological mechanisms and health of our dermal cells. This process is related to our inheritedgenetic make-up, but also depends on environmental factors and our own individual habits, or socalled ‘cellular input’.

The epigenesis of beauty:
the future of anti-aging

Epigenetics is a science that sheds light on the link between the environment and our genes, highlighting how our different lifestyles can modify the mechanisms and expression of the genes in our DNA. Thanks to research, we now know how to effectively intervene in order to protect and restore the correct action of our DNA, promoting cellular activity and health, and subsequently promoting antiaging processes. Hapai is able to tackle and prevent skin aging processes by taking care of your skin’s beauty and health on a deeper level.

Hyalurenol-AI: epigenetic innovation for your skin

The Hapai – Pro Cellular System is an innovative cosmeceutical 7 and nutraceutical approach that effectively counteracts the aging process and revitalises the deeper layers of your skin. And it’s all down to restoring the physiological methylation of cellular DNA thanks to active ingredients that interact with a patented formula based on advanced epigenetic research. Hapai’s patented combined ‘bio-reticular’ hyaluronic acid formula (Hyalurenol-AI) ensures that our treatments are effective, by stimulating the body’s physiological response and its absorption of active ingredients in order to promote deep cellular rejuvenation.