Hapai’s protocol


With Hapai we can devise personalized treatment plans that work together to slow down the photo and chrono aging processes, restoring and stimulating the correct cell physiology.

Innovation and Efficacy

Our skin needs a solid foundation. That’s why Hapai’s product ranges are based on meticulous scientific research, which has lead to the formulation of one single patent. Hyalurenol-AI (‘bio-reticular’ hyaluronic acid combined with physiological and dermo-strengthening substances) maximises the effective penetration and absorption of active ingredients , which work to counteract the deterioration of the skin.

To age well, to live better

We are not afraid of the passage of time, we believe that beauty has no age. If aging is natural, the processes by which Hapai preserves the skin organ and brings back the biological clock are equally natural. We re-educate the cells to work as if they were younger, reactivating their normal physiological functions.

Journeys, not products

Genetics don’t lie: we are all unique and one-of-a-kind. That’s why we offer individual product ‘journeys’, so that you can learn how to take care of your own skin and body in its entirety, combating both the causes and effects of aging. Hapai has developed an essential, fast and practical product range that offers complete and functional ways to prevent the signs of aging.